A More Excellent Way

My time spent in the Holy Land has been inspiring to say the least. The resounding theme that I am continually reminded of: Christ is real. This all really happened. He walked here. Lived here. Loved here. This poem is a product of that inspiration.

A More Excellent Way

“And still, there is a more excellent way,” he says.

More than knowledge, charity, tongues, and faith.

No power, nor act, no principality

Can compare to the way of love, listen closely.

It is patient. It is kind. It has no pride at all.

It does not envy or boast or enjoy when others fall.

It keeps no record of wrongs. When truth comes, Love’s praises sing.

Love bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things.”

“How delightful,” says I. “What must I do

To purchase passage on this way? I’ll give anything to you.”

“There’s nothing you can do, child, to make you go on this way.”

Says he to I. I reply with dismay.

“Depression is my ally, hopelessness my friend!

If I can’t attend the way if love, I’ve reached my end.”

“Take heart,” he says, ” because it is already done

Death has been defeated. Love has won!

Let me explain more: There was once a man

And for the way of love he was born in Bethlehem.

He grew up in Nazareth, up north with his family.

He was God, yes, but also man fully. 

So he changed, learned, and with time grew wise.

At age 12, in Jerusalem, he opened teachers’ eyes.

Then he went back home until the time came

For the disciples’ call and ministry’s beginning.

Now in his thirties, grown and strong, 

The man preached his first sermon in Capernaum.

He taught the way of love and, more importantly, lived it. 

Like in Bethsaida when he fed the hungry five thousand.

On Galilee he displayed greatness by walking on water.

All the while knowing love is the greatest power.

In Caeserea Phillipi he predicted what was to come.

He knew the ending to the great story of love.

When Passover came, he rode a donkey, head lifted high

Entering Jerusalem and they said “Hosanna on High!”

Then in the Garden of Gesthemane on the Mount of Olives

The man was betrayed with a kiss and given to Pontius Pilate.

They now shouted “Crucify him”; death was his sentence 

Even though he is the only one in history with perfect innocence.

So Via Dolorosa was the path he went up,

With beatings and lashings, to Golgotha.

On Calvary he was hanged upon the tree.

This way all done for thee.

With the way of love in mind, he sacrificed himself

Because you could go on it without his help.

So on the cross he said, “It is finished”,

And to the Father he commended his spirit.

He laid three days in a tomb then death lost it’s sting!

He rose from the grave victoriously!

He announced to all that the way of love had defeated death,

Then he ascended to heaven on Mount Olivet.

The man accomplished the greatest act in history,

And he paved the way of love especially for thee.

Christ is his name, and that man is me.

I am the way of love. Come with me, darling.”


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